Social Media Guidelines

A small number of people (such as committee members) are authorised to speak on behalf of Chobham Rugby however most of us will speak not on behalf of; but about Chobham Rugby – using social media. As members; parents and players we are all part of the conversation. Social media is of great benefit to us as individuals and to Chobham Rugby – we’re all using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch and find out what’s going on. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that we always apply common sense in our use of social media:

Codes of conduct

Chobham rugby Codes of Conduct require that we all treat each other with respect and not engage in actions which would bring the club into disrepute – this includes how we conduct ourselves on and off the field, including social media and networking. Have fun, share the spirit of mighty Chobham but be respectful online just as you would be in person.

Everything on the internet is public

Always assume that all your social media communication is visible to everyone everywhere – comments and posts are permanent and often public even with privacy settings in place. Think carefully about the content you post online. Be careful not to reveal sensitive or confidential information on Chobham rugby social media platforms.

Be responsible

You are responsible for what you add to a Chobham rugby social platform – make sure your posts are accurate, not misleading or damaging. When in doubt, don’t post!

Respect copyright

Don’t post content created by someone else (videos/ documents/ links) without checking that you have given credit to them – where possible include links to the original source. Be mindful of the copyright and intellectual property rights of Chobham Rugby.

Children online

The RFU safeguarding toolkit states that the RFU “positively encourages parents and spectators to take photographs of participants to celebrate the ethos and spirit of the sport.” At Chobham we want to encourage the sharing of photographs; match reports and information using common sense when it comes to our younger players. Chobham Rugby commitment to safeguarding our children includes online safety. Personal information which can lead to child being identified (schools/ full names/ addresses/ emails) should never be used. Chobham parents have given their consent for photos to be shared and photographs should always be of the activity and the team; not of one individual. You must be 13 years old to set up a Facebook or Twitter account.”

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Communication Manager

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