COVID-19 Update

Dear all
We are reviewing the latest coronavirus update:
One instruction that is very clear is that all users of inside spaces at the club will have to wear a face mask unless seated or medically exempt. This is effective immediately and I ask that you take responsibility for complying with this government missive. As stated before, we do not have the volunteer resource to police this and I ask that you look after each other’s health and your rugby club. NO MASK NO ENTRY!!!
The club has a responsibility to provide track and trace and we understand that users of the
NHS COVID-19 App can check in using the App.
All visitors to the clubhouse, or any buildings on the clubs premises, must complete track and trace.
Use either the NHS Track and Trace QR code or our own Chobham QR code that we have distributed around the site.
IMPORTANT – this does not replace the track and trace procedures that we have in place for players training. We will continue with the existing sign in process.
Please bear with us, these procedures may change over the next few weeks, as we understand the effectiveness of the
We will have to change how we use our bar and are trying to work through procedures to deliver some form of service.
From this evening we will be providing table service and a strict 10pm curfew. If you are joining us this evening can I ask that you help us to work through the inevitable issues that we will encounter. The changes we are implementing include payment systems and all procedures will be untested.  Constructive feedback will be much appreciated but probably not when we are trying to clear a backlog of orders!

  • Mask on entering the club house
  • Find a seat, sit down (maximum of 6 per table)
  • Request table service and order
  • Mask on when you leave the table
  • Bar opening- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Bar hours 7pm – 9.45pm
  • Last orders 9.30pm
  • Clubhouse empty and closed 10pm

Showers – We have looked at the shower situation and are looking to provide some showers from next week – further consultation with our players continues
Food – This is an ongoing discussion – not forgotten
Thank you all very much.

Mark Fisher
Chair, Chobham RFC


Minis and Juniors Return on 6th September

Mini and Junior Rugby returns to Sundays on the 6th September. As we remain at Stage D on the RFUs Return to Rugby Roadmap sessions the club will operate very differently and critically we need parents and players to observe the controls we have put in place which are important in maintaining safety for our players, parents and volunteers.

Please note for the first couple of sessions neither kitchen nor bar will be open to help us focus on getting Rugby back before anything else. Toilets will be available in the clubhouse – please follow the directions of travel in the clubhouse.

Stage D allows us to play a modified version of the game with no more than 20 players per half pitch – for more details on the England Rugby website click here

As we are operating under strict controls for player numbers, sessions will be staggered throughout the day as follows and we need all parents, players and volunteers to adhere to the points outlined in the sections below.

Please read carefully and if you have any questions please contact your age group manager or one of us

Most importantly   do not attend if you are anyone in your household or party is unwell


Ally Edwards (Mini Rugby Chair)                    Neil Whittington (Junior Rugby Chair)

Training Times

Please refer to the map below for locations of pitches and car parking areas

Age GroupTraining TimePitch AllocationCar Park
U509:15 - 10:15Top Pitch (B)Car Park B
U609:15 - 10:15Top Pitch (B)Car Park B
U709:15 - 10:15School Field (A)Car Park A
U809:15 - 10:15Orchard Field (D)Car Park D
Age GroupTraining TimePitch AllocationCar Park
U911:00 - 12:00Orchard (D)Car Park C
U1011:00 - 12:00Top Pitch (B)Car Park B
U1111:00 - 12:00School Field (A)Car Park A
U11 Girls11:00 - 12:00Training Area (C)Car Park C
Age GroupTraining TimePitch AllocationCar Park
U1212:30 - 1:30School Field (A)Car Park A
U1312:30 - 1:30Top Pitch (B)Car Park B
U1412:30 - 1:30Orchard (D)Car Park D
U13, U15 & U18 Girls12:30 - 1:30Bottom Pitch & Training AreaCar Park C
Age GroupTraining TimePitch AllocationCar Park
U15 Boys2:00 - 3:00Orchard (D)Car Park D
U16 Boys2:00 - 3:00Top Pitch (B)Car Park B
U17 & U18 Boys2:00 - 3:00School Field (A)Car Park A


  • Each age group is assigned a pitch and a car park per above to aid with minimal cross over between age groups
  • Use the map below to navigate to your car park and nominated pitch
  • On arrival at your pitch (or before) you will be asked to scan a “QR code” with your phone which will open a link to the Test and Trace form . This MUST be filled in for every person in your party on every visit to Chobham RFC please
  • If you have an iPhone this should work without any change – if you have an Android phone (Samsung etc) you may need to install a QR code reader prior to arriving – please see your phones operating manual
  •  Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your training session starts
  •  Keep spectators to a minimum, preferably one parent/guardian per player
  •  Follow government guidelines on hand hygiene and social distancing
  •  Spectate 1m+ from the edge of the pitch where your player is training. Keep children with you pitch side
  • Parents and siblings should not touch any kit
  •  Ensure all items brought and litter are taken home. Lost property will not be saved.  
  •  Follow directions on signage for use of the toilet facilities
  •  No spitting anywhere and no chewing on pitch
  •  Follow the paths indicated on the map to move between pitches
  • Please remember NO dogs on the Top Pitch, School Field or Orchard Pitches
  • If you want to wear a mask feel free. No-one will look at you funny. It is your choice.
  • Once training is finished leave the club as soon as possible.  

Some extra things for Minis U5 - U11

  •  Players to go straight to POD Coach once signed in using QR code
  • Do not bring players from outside your player’s POD to training
  • If you need to leave pitch side speak to Age Group Manager

Flapper ( AKA Ian White) RIP

It is with great sadness that we must tell you Flapper passed away Saturday morning, 15th August 2020, at home with his wife Bernice and sons Zak & Jacob at his side. Bernice has asked that we remember him, he was a husband, father, friend to many and hero and friend to many at Chobham Rugby.

He has been fighting pancreatic cancer and since being diagnosed in February has had a very positive outlook on life.

Flapper played his formative years at Esher and following his work with developing their Colts and Academy players was made a Vice President at the club. He then found a renewed zest for rugby through the 13 man version of the game and with the influence of Grant Smith came to Chobham Rugby to see out the twilight of his playing career – oh how wrong was he!!

Flapper was a huge influence with the Devils developing and nurturing young players through to senior rugby in his early time at Chobham Rugby.

He was a tour legend and “what goes on tour stays on tour!!!”, but his legend was made at Paignton in the 30m sprint (run (dawdle (walk) down the right wing, his shorts falling down over his knees and being tripped by them to score over the line.

Two seasons ago, as ever with Flapper, the little butterfly morphed into a new phase of his career and got involved with Chobham’s Mixed Ability side, the Surrey Chargers, he took on coaching and mentoring. Flapper was helping Mike O’Regan in fundraising in their quest to get to Cork for the Mixed Ability RWC 2020. Sadly due to Covid it was never realised, but he has left a legacy that will always be remembered.

The other side of Flapper is just as remarkable, his two sons are international ice hockey players, he and Bernice would travel the UK (as well as Europe and North America) supporting their boys. He also had a great passion for fishing.

Everyone at Chobham Rugby offers our condolences to Bernice and the boys.


Chobham RFC feature in England Rugby news

Chobham today featured in the news on the website – full story here : 

Chobham Rugby, one of Surrey’s leading community rugby clubs, prides itself on offering the sport to as many people as possible.

Having weathered lockdown, they are now bringing rugby back to their Fowlers Wells pitches, while following all government guidelines. The return is toasted at a socially distanced drink each Thursday evening.

The seniors have had over 60 training at each session and 115 different players from 17-years-old through to over 50s, 25 players being Under 21s means a fantastic future for the club. The sessions provide both pre-season fitness and also the mental wellbeing of the squad as a whole. Supported by their skilled medical team, they have taken all precautions to protect player’s health and wellbeing.

Their women’s team is training and due to enter the RFU league structure during the coming season, providing opportunities for those progressing from the girls’ section, which serves  players up to U18 level. 

Chobham Women drinks

They have the second mixed ability team formed in the South East, the Surrey Chargers, where players with autism, a learning difficulty or a physical disability play full contact rugby alongside more experienced players. Training is on its way back for the Chargers too.

Regularly featuring in the Surrey Heath and Woking sports awards for their work in the community, the club’s community work includes local school rugby programmes and holiday rugby camps.

The club has around 600 minis and juniors who will be enjoying Ready4Rugby, ranging from age five onwards, with lots of family support. Their five senior sides are raring to go as they wait to play their league rugby from London 2 South West (Level 7) through to the Surrey Foundation League.

With fun sessions for pre-school children, weekly mixed touch rugby and regular touch rugby for those aged 35 and over, Chobham caters for every age group and skill level.

Says Mike O’Regan, community co-ordinator: “When we reached Stage B our senior men and women began training under the specified guidelines. Now with Stage C everyone is eager to get back and active.

“We are always looking for opportunities to expand the game and introduce it to groups who may have previously been under represented. Rugby should be a game for all and that’s what we aim to provide.”

This week, 16 regular O2 Touch players were invited to a test event, to help road test the protocols and allow touch to be played in line with the RFU guidelines for stage C. A great hour-long session was enjoyed.

Everybody pre-registered using the O2 Touch app and then signed in and sanitised when they arrived, the app providing a track and trace facility, with contact details and the sign in a self-declaration of being Covid free.

Breaks every 15 mins to re-sanitise and to rehydrate didn’t deter from a competitive session despite nobody caring much about the score, as one player commented it was “good to be back running and passing the rugby ball around.”

All players brought along two shirts, light and dark, to avoid using bibs and only one regularly sanitised ball was used to minimise equipment. 


Chobham RFC online bar now open

Order your drinks in advance for a Chobham Rugby social. Prices include VAT.

Wednesday collection after training circa 8:30pm – See Catherine Vandenberg
Thursday collection between 6pm to 7pm
Friday collection during training – See Neil Whittington

Your purchase can be drunk outside at the club in pods of six 2m

Orders for Mighty Chobham need to be placed by Tuesday evening.


2020-21 Season Membership Open

Good afternoon all

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer. As you will have read in our weekly Newsletters, we have been busy tentatively taking steps to open up the rugby club, as permissible and safe, for both rugby and social activity.

You may have also seen that England Rugby have now moved to Stage C in the Return To Rugby Roadmap ( which allows us to move forward with non-contact training.

Clubs across the country are now working towards a full season commencing on the 6th of September. Whilst we don’t believe it will be a “normal” season as it may be slow to evolve back into full contact and may be interrupted, we are confident that we will be able to deliver rugby across the board for the next season. The Rugby Leadership group have been tasked with ensuring that we are ready to go with a full program of rugby activity (as permitted) for the new season.

Based on the above rationale, we have opened the membership system and request members to start the process of renewing their membership for the next season. Full details and instructions are on our website at

After much consideration, the Management Committee have concluded that we should hold subs at last season’s rates.

We took the following into consideration

  • The RFU have released fixtures for senior rugby for next season.
  • The RFU are in the process of delivering fixtures for Junior and Women’s Rugby
  • We are being encouraged to arrange some preseason friendly fixtures (after Sept)
  • The RFU have suggested that the season may be extended to accommodate postponed fixtures in case of further COVID complications.

The uncertainty around the makeup and length of the season makes it a major challenge for the club attempting to understand the financial impact. We have managed our financial position over the closed season taking advantage of every tool and grant we were able to apply for, but we have taken a significant “hit” to our income due to the cancellation of some major summer hires. As we open up, we will start to incur significant costs. We have not reached out to the membership for donations or set up just giving accounts as we are mindful of our members circumstances and didn’t feel it appropriate to build up a reserve “just in case”. The downside to this approach is that in these uncertain times we cannot accurately understand our exposure to reduced sponsorship and bar/kitchen revenue. We do however feel that we can offer a season of rugby and reasonably ask for membership fees. I will add the caveat that if the season is a complete write off (highly unlikely) we will of course look to find a way to compensate.

As an additional enhancement to membership this season, we will also be distributing smart membership cards that will have the functionality to enable members to preload cash for cashless payments and receive offers such as member discounts at the bar. More details will be released later as we get the technology up and running.

If you are an existing member, you should have received an email from membership over the last couple of days (if you did not receive this and are an existing member please check your spam folder and email if you have not received it)

Finally, a huge thank you to all of you that support your wonderful club and I am looking forward to a new challenging season that with patience and teamwork we can thoroughly enjoy.

I hope that you get signed up as soon as possible and we can all steer the club through these strange times and look forward to seeing you all on a Saturday and Sunday in the very near future.

Mark Fisher
Chairman, Chobham Rugby

Chobham Brought back to Earth

Chobham 26-27 Twickenham

Following a supporter’s lunch prior to the game for Friends of Chobham Rugby (FOCR’s), joined by ex-Harlequins and Scotland international Neil Edwards, Billy Davisons boys were brought back down to earth by old adversaries Twickenham. Sadly, during the game there was a delay for a serious injury to Twickenham’s winger Dan Rose and everyone at Chobham wishes him a speedy recovery. In a very close game the visitors walked away deserved winners as Chobham (sponsored by Bray Wealth Management and local restaurant Rosso Mazarra) did not play at the level that has been recently expected. The coaching teams’ disappointment was apparent, but this is no way a disaster and taking 2 points away from the game keeps Chob in the hunt for a top half finish this season.


Billy’s coaches (sponsored by Reflex & Relax and Robbings Motors) had made five changes from the team that won at Emanuels the previous week, there was return from injury for Captain Phil Williams and Ben Livingstone on the wing. Liam Monaghan (Sponsored by Timberline Partnerships LLP)  returned to the other wing, with Sean Bellion (sponsored by Owen Shipp Commercial) back on the bench and a debut for Josh Macco, 18-year-old Josh is a product of our Juniors, he is currently in the Italy Under 18s team and part of Wasps Under 18s too – he is an exciting prospect for the future, and Chob appreciate Wasps letting him play for the rest of the season.


Over 100 supporters were at the FOCR’s lunch whose main aim is to offer support to Chobham Rugby’s “good causes” such as Player welfare, Rugby education, Rugby experience and Financial hardship (support for players where the direct cause of hardship is linked to their rugby career such as long-term injury). They are a group of individuals associated with the Club; the wider rugby community; or just people with an interest in rugby.


The sunny day was only marred by the strong windy conditions. From the kick off Twickenham took the game to Chob and after a sustained attack on the line finally wing Stock went over in the corner to give the visitors the lead.


Chobs dominant scrum was not rewarded all game and following 3 penalties at 5m scrums finally a pick and go at the back of the scrum saw Justin Rowlands go over after 20 mins and John Rumsey (Sponsored by XVSport), followed up with the conversion and give the hosts a narrow lead.


Twickenham had one of the largest set of backs Chob have faced this season and they really had to put a stellar defence on to keep them out, at the back Sam Davies (Sponsored by Chobham Wealth Management) tackling was on point. Just before the half hour centre Ash went over to give the visitors the lead again. Sadly, soon after winger Dan Rose sustained a serious ankle  ankle dislocation and break and the game was delayed for 20 minutes while the medical teams from both sides got him off the pitch and in the warm to await an ambulance.


Just before half time Foster converted a penalty for the visitors to take them into the break 13-7 up, because of the long injury delay there was a quick turn around and the game restarted nearly straight away.


Following a break by Twickenham and a try saving tackle by Davies, and the ruck Monaghan came in at the side and was sent to the sin bin. Leon Nells (Sponsored by Chobham Under 16s) was making his 51st appearance for Chob and his line out throws in the adverse weather were hitting point.


While attacking the visitors line their fly half Foster was penalised and carded for not releasing at the tackle and giving Chob a man advantage for 10 minutes with an hour gone. With the advantage Livingstone found a gap and went over in the corner for his first premier team try and bring Chob within a point of the visitors. 4 minutes after the vast home crowd excitement reached a crescendo when Monaghan went over, and Rumsey added the afters to give Chob a 6 point lead and 10 minutes to go.


Very soon after Twickenham wing Stock got his second try and full back Goddard got the conversion to take the visitors back into the lead. With 2 minutes to go it seemed all over the hosts when sub Wattridge went under the posts and Foster now back on got the conversion to take the score to 27-19. The last minute went on a while as Chobham attacked the visitors’ line, eventually Euan Buckland (Sponsored by The Garibaldi, Knaphill) scored over the chalk and Rumsey converted for a 26-27 loss for Chobham.


Robbie Kennard after the game said “This was a bit of a wakeup call for us this weekend, we have some tough fixtures coming up and our physicality up front was well off the pace. Scrum time we were very dominant, but our line outs were disappointing.”

Head coach Billy Davison said “We were lucky to have got 2pts and we need to focus on detail, we need to up our game and the next 4 games are very important.”


1st XV Manager Harry Norman-Walker said “The boys need to take the pain of the loss into training this week and work towards next Saturdays game at Cranlieghans. We know we have the ability and this was just a hiccup. Also I’m really pleased for our 2nd XV who beat KCS 41-14 in the early kick off.”


Team: Angus Hargan; TJ Sims; Ed Wynne; Leon Nell; Chris Kent; Jerry Rumball; Nathan Spratt; Justin Rowland; John Rumsey; Robbie Kennard; Ben Livingstone; Phil Williams; Tommy Reed; Liam Monaghan; Samuel Davies.


Game Changers:

Josh Macco; Euan Buckland; Sean Bellion.


International rugby comes to Fowlers Wells

Last Thursday evening Chobham hosted Belgrano Athletic Club U18s from Argentina. This is the former club of Fed so it was only fitting that Teo, his son, wore the captain’s armband for the fixture.



Belgrano looked well drilled and competent in the warm-up so the home lads would have to be at their best to keep themselves in the game. Belgrano played uphill in the first half and Chob were obviously taking things seriously, driving into the visitor’s half before conceding a scrum around the 25. Belgrano kicked for territory with a good chase and won the ball back only to concede a scrum themselves.


The opening spell demonstrated that Belgrano train regularly as a team and had a number of attacking options up front and in the backs. Chob however were able to resist these attacks with Fin winning a turnover in the tackle to allow Chob to kick back into the Belgrano half. The visitors were able to keep Chob out of their 25 however and worked their way back up field, eventually earning a scrum in the Chob red zone. Belgrano won the scrum, despite pressure from the Chobham pack and executed a neat miss and loop move in midfield. This first attack was held up in typical Chobham fashion but the visiting forwards had enough momentum from the attack to squirm over and with the conversion took a 7-0 lead after 20 minutes.


The restart was kind to Belgrano as they allowed the kick to bounce but it sat nicely as Chobham attacked. A kick back into midfield was returned but Chob were pinged for not retreating. Another penalty quickly had Chobham defending a lineout deep in their own 25 once more. This time it was the visiting pack who kept the ball through several phases as Chob defended around the breakdown. The whitewash was breached in the end almost under the posts and it was a 14-0 lead.


Belgrano continued to have the possession and territory advantage but the blue line held firm and forced a couple of turnovers and penalties to keep the half-time score to 14-0.



Chob now had to work up the slope, but a kick-off into space put Belgrano under pressure and a charge down from Ronan pinned them back near their own line. They couldn’t exit their exit strategy and Chob opted for an attacking scrum at a penalty on the right hand side. With a solid platform Cooper made a break from 8 and Ewen was on his shoulder for a neat offload and darted through a gap to peg the score back to 14-5.



Belgrano hit back and it was Chobham who were stuck in their 25 for a spell. The defending in the second half matched that of the first and when Belgrano finally had an opening they were brought down just short and penalised for a double movement. Chobham cleared and had a lineout 25 yards out.


This has been area where work is needed and Belgrano pinched this one. Unfortunately, it came to easily the biggest guy on the park who crashed down to within 5 yards of glory. His team mates are obviously used to this and were right behind him to recycle and restore the 14-point advantage.


Both sides continued to play some good rugby, entertaining the home crowd who had turned out on a chilly night, but the defences had the upper hand. To enable all the lads to get plenty of game time some new positions were tried and Jack popped up in the centres to good effect, making ground for the team to pour in behind. For the home side Lewis went off injured during this period with what was later confirmed as a broken arm.


A Belgrano attack down the right hand touchline brought a loud ‘ooh’ from the crowd as George cut his opposite man in half at the tackle and earned a penalty in the process.


The home side couldn’t capitalise on the penalty and a couple of free kicks taken quickly had Belgrano back in the danger zone once more. From a 5 yard scrum they had enough room to squeeze over by the corner flag to extend the lead to 24-5.


With time almost up Chob forced a scrum at the restart in good position. Again the pack did their job and Aran sprinted through a gap on the short side to double the home try count and make the final score 10-24 to the visitors.


A game played in great spirit with both squads mixing up on the whistle for the post-match photographs and mixing in the bar where the Chobham’s grasp of Spanish was soundly put to bed by Belgrano’s English.



Squad Aran, Lewis, Keaton, Fin, HarryC, Ronan, Ewen, Dan, Charlie, Billy, JackPen, Matt, HenryH, Teo, Cooper, Calum, Callum, Harvey, JackP, Finn, Max, Oliver, George, HarryB, Sam, Leonard.

Chobham 1XV vs Old Emanuels

Chobham 12 -v- Old Emanuels 10 


Chobham battled Storm Dennis as well as Old Emanuel on Saturday. We fronted up in terrible conditions and certainly deserved the victory. I was particularly proud with the way the boys adapted to the conditions. Tries came through Sam Davies and Euan Buckland. We picked up a few knocks in the process but are certainly looking forward to the challenges that Twickenham and Cranleighans will offer. 


We have won 6 in 6 and the boys have played some good football throughout. There is still lots more to come from this group as we continue to build.


I’d also like to wish Finn Robjohn all the best with his travels for the next few months and we look forward to seeing him back next season!


Cannons vs Old Haileyburians

The Cannons hosted Old Haileyburians RFC at Fowler’s Wells for not only the reverse league fixture but also the semi final of their knock out competition giving added weight to the result. With changes in personnel for both sides and the added challenges Storm Dennis brought with it meant that it was always going to be a much tougher test than the previous one-sided affair. 


The visitors kicked off into the wind and the Cannons quickly realised that possession would be key as the ball could not be gathered at first attempt. Old Haileyburians had some large ball carriers but the home side’s defence repelled their efforts time and again, before forcing the turn over and using the elements to clear to touch. The Cannons’ set piece was again dominate at scrum time and more than held its own at lineouts as Lol Perkins threw in accurately despite the blustery conditions. The home side opened the scoring from the tee as Steven Ball knocked over a penalty after the visitors didn’t release in the tackle. Chobham were not able to kick on though as the penalty count swung in the oppositions favour with the ruck being the source of many transgressions, allowing the visitors to progress upfield and alleviate pressure. Once the home side had reset mentally however and resorted to their game plan that had worked so well all season they gradually came back into the game. Strong carries from Sean Bellion, Tim Woods and Ben Puttock made inroads up the pitch and eventually earned a penalty. Having seen both sides’ kickers miss at the not-so-uprights a scrum was called and Adam Peever glided through the gap between 10 and 12 for the first five pointer of the afternoon. No further scores could be added before the break as the Cannons went in at half time with the scoreboard reading 8 – 0. 


The second half saw a fast start from Old Haileyburians and they soon found themselves in the Cannons’ 22. Although repeated waves of attacked were forced back, the visitors eventually made it over to open their account for the afternoon. With Cannons debutant Paddy Mooney and Chobham new recruit Jordan Lucas now in the back row the home side put pressure on the opposition’s handling and repeatedly forced errors from them. From one breakdown turn over the Cannons’ backline trusted their own passing skills and Alex Julian was released down the right hand touchline to score under the posts. With Peever adding the extras the home side extended the lead, turning it into a two score lead at 15-5. Old Haileyburians were not going to go into their shells however and kept attacking the Cannons. A pivotal moment came with a scrum five metres out from the try line after a clever kick upfield. The pack held firm and the OHs number eight couldn’t make the line. Disciplined defence kept the visitors at bay until a crucial tip in the tackle allowed the Cannons to clear their 22. From the resulting lineout Adam Pickett turned over the ball and after a strong run from Nieem Khan and interplay with Peever, Julian went over for his second, and the team’s third, try of the day. 


The Cannons struck again soon after to secure the bonus point win with a well worked move from a scrum seeing Peever match Julian’s brace for the afternoon. Final score 25 – 5.


Chobham remain top of the Surrey Championship table and now take their place in the final if the Surrey Reserve Cup where they will play either, next weekend’s opponents, KCS Old Boys or Old Reigatians. 


Man of the match: Adam Peever


Players’ player: Ben Puttock