Chobham B1 at Cobham Festival Sun 5th Oct 2014

Game 1: Chobham B1 1111vs Cobham
Tom Martin immediately showed great ambition with a flying first attack to score the first try in less than a minute! Conversion completed successfully by Jasper Cox with a drop kick.
Cobham came back with a return try and conversion to level the score! Closing out the first half Chobham, off the back of a solid scrum put the ball out to Jasper who through a great dummy to open a gap in the line and score his first competitive try for Chobham. A missed conversion had the scoreline at 12/7 in Chobham’s favour at half time.


Early in second half Luca Allera made a great catch from a bodged Cobham clearance kick (a perfect example of why we don’t kick during matches at present) and ran straight into space making a fantastically simple 3rd try for Chobham. Missed conversion.[Chob 17 / 7 Cob] Again Cobham fight back strong. With another try and conversion bringing the score close again at 17 / 14. To close out the game Jasper made a determined dash for the line with Tom on his shoulder in support. Missed conversion. Again Cobham came back strong and were driving us hard back into defence. Thankfully James Deakin made a try saving tackle as the ref blew the final whistle.
Final score Chobham B1:22 – Cobham: 14


Game 2: Chobham B1 vs Chobham B2
This was going to be an interesting game and would show how evenly the squads been divided? Chob B1 playing white with shirts reversed.
The first half was very tough with neither team making much progress initially. Tom made an outstanding tackle to halt Aaron Tinney on the line after a strong blue attacking run, but the blues pressed on and Alan Levitt managed to take advantage to score. Missed conversion gave blues 5point lead. Just before half time whistle Jasper made another driving run, weaving his way through the blues with another two whites on his tail in support. Converted kick earned the whites a 2 point lead. It should also be mentioned that superb efforts were made by Valere Sartiaux, Morgan Haskins & Etienne Yeo with their tackling and general defensive works. No one wanted to be beaten by their club mates!


Massimo opened up the second half scoring for the blues putting the ball down in the far corner. Joe made the conversion look easy to take blues back into the lead at 12 – 7.
James made another try stopping tackle, this time on Eddie, with the ball going out for a line out. From the line out, Nathan Everett, our ever busy scrum half, moved the ball quickly back down the line to Locky Almanza who made a spectacular ran from our try line to the other without being caught to score an epic try! The kick was converted too giving the whites
a narrow win Final Score: Chobham B1: 14 – ChobhamB2: 12


Game3:Chobham B1 vs Teddington
Really tight first half against Teddington, with neither side making any great inroads. Most of the play was just inside the Teddington half, but neither side unable to make a break. No score at half time whistle. This was going to be a game for Chobham’s forwards from here on in.


The second half progressed in much the same way. Although the ref made a couple of ‘interesting’ decisions. Not least when he allowed Teddington stealing the ball under a Chobham advantage and make it over the Chobham try line?! Converted kicked left Chobham 7-0 down. Somewhat demotivated, somewhat tired, Chobham struggled to get back in the game and although the team defence was effective, led equally by Jack Heslop & Cameron Lambert, Teddington remained strong and eventually broke through to score a second try to close the match. Conversion also completed successfully. Final Score: Chobham B1: 0 – Teddington: 14


Game 4: Chobham B1 vs Wimbledon
Another very tough first half with both sides trying to get the better of each other. Wimbledon found a gap and took the advantage to make the first try. They failed to convert the goal and the first half concluded 5-0 to Wimbledon.


Shortly after the kick off in the second half Chobham released the ball to Jasper who again weaved his magic, ably supported by Liam Androne on his shoulder, he made his way through the opposition finding space where these wasn’t any, to score a great try. Missed conversion.
After the Wimbledon restart Chobham tried to drive forward again. Rather than passing wide, we kept running back into trouble, and a lesson the boys must learn. Wimbledon eventually ripped the ball from our hands, passed wide and scored again, also converting the goal for a 12-5 lead. In the last minutes of the game the Chobham team spirit continued to challenge the opposition, eventually finding Jasper who again went for the line scoring the final try of the day. No pressure for the final conversion which would be the difference between a loss or a draw….
Final Score: 12 – 12


Overall a fantastic day for the boys, they played some great rugby, identified areas they need to work on, and above all, enjoyed themselves. Everyone really gave their all for the team and apart from the game three blip, were a cohesive unit of players.


Tackling and general team play was good considering this was the first festival of the season.

Many thanks to Jimmy, Mark & Mike the coaches, and to all parents for taking part in a great day.

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