Chobham B2 Festival Report Cobham 5th October 2014

Sunday 5th October 2014


The Mighty B2 Match Report

As the sun rose and early morning mist cleared over the field of battle, there emerged the Mighty Chobham Under 11’s B2. Ahead lay four epic encounters fought with pride, determination and bravery. Some were to pay a heavy price – a few were to see Dave Tinney move with gazelle like grace and speed over an astonishing distance at well under 10 seconds – Chobham’s day-glow lightening bolt.


Match 1: B1
The opening match was a derby pitting the mighty B2 against arch rivals Chobham B1. A close and tense game with first honours going to Alan with the opening try. B1 fought back and scored just before half-time. B1 had the advantage of having played a match and this helped. Massimo scored in the second half putting B2 ahead but B1 scored the winning try. Final score, helped by an additional couple of points for a converted try: A win for B1 14:12.


Match 2: Wimbledon B1
A fantastic game with everyone contributing to a well-deserved and resounding win against Wimbledon. Aaron opened with a great try. Massimo followed with a second try. The third try emerged from a massive team effort and I simply have no idea who finally got the ball over the line. With each try confidently converted the final score was 21:0.


Match 3: Teddington
A difficult game against tough opponents. In the first half Teddington scored with two tries converting one to establish a strong lead. B2 made a strong start to the second half showing great character all round – but at a price. Jackson was injured and that brought the game to an early end as Chobham’s excellent First Aiders stepped in. As a precautionary measure Jackson was taken off for an X-ray. Final score: A win for Teddington, 12:0


Match 4: Cobham
Ably assisted by Oliver, on loan from Cobham, the mighty B2 had unfinished business. With heads held high and a steely determination to make a point the whole team fought a difficult and tense game. After a slightly weak start, excellent defending kept a clean sheet for the first half but without a point to show for all the hard work. With just seconds left a magnificent effort from the whole team got the ball ever closer to the line with a Joe scoring a great try to secure a well-deserved victory.


And then…


I am not sure we were supposed to win anything but Chobham B2 picked up the award for least tries conceded. I guess it belongs to Jackson.

Thanks, as ever, to the excellent (and patient) coaches, Ade for all his managerial skills and our heroic (and fast) first-aiders.

STOP PRESS: Jackson’s X-ray revealed nothing of concern – all OK.


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