Festive u14s vs Bracknell

Match Report from James Cole:


Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Flowers Wells
The 14s faced Bracknell, ahead of Noel’s.
Quick out the blocks, Bracknell scored first,
Their fullback went over, he showed a quick burst.

Chob’s scrum was creaking and needed a fix,
A penalty was missed, just wide of the sticks.
The visitors’ forwards were now well on top,
Their 8 went blind and couldn’t be stopped.


15-nil Chobham trailed, when finally they scored,
Sam Davies tapped-quick, Jack Mather soared.
The crowd got excited, could the boys fight back?
This time they couldn’t – Bracknell attacked.


Riley carried hard, into tackles Davies flew,
But it wasn’t enough as Bracknell broke through.
Another try for the 8, tackles were missed,
The ref coached Chobham, he looked pretty miffed.


Then a hatrick for 8 and two tries for their 4,
Which meant by this point, I’d lost count of the score.
A hard lesson in rugby, for Chobham 14s,
Bracknell were bigger than most other teams.


35-5 was the tally, by the time it had finished,
I confirmed with the ref…but he only grimaced.
Not to despair, we can’t always be winners,
“It’s Christmas” the boys said – “so where are our Turkey dinners?!”

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