Flapper ( AKA Ian White) RIP

It is with great sadness that we must tell you Flapper passed away Saturday morning, 15th August 2020, at home with his wife Bernice and sons Zak & Jacob at his side. Bernice has asked that we remember him, he was a husband, father, friend to many and hero and friend to many at Chobham Rugby.

He has been fighting pancreatic cancer and since being diagnosed in February has had a very positive outlook on life.

Flapper played his formative years at Esher and following his work with developing their Colts and Academy players was made a Vice President at the club. He then found a renewed zest for rugby through the 13 man version of the game and with the influence of Grant Smith came to Chobham Rugby to see out the twilight of his playing career – oh how wrong was he!!

Flapper was a huge influence with the Devils developing and nurturing young players through to senior rugby in his early time at Chobham Rugby.

He was a tour legend and “what goes on tour stays on tour!!!”, but his legend was made at Paignton in the 30m sprint (run (dawdle (walk) down the right wing, his shorts falling down over his knees and being tripped by them to score over the line.

Two seasons ago, as ever with Flapper, the little butterfly morphed into a new phase of his career and got involved with Chobham’s Mixed Ability side, the Surrey Chargers, he took on coaching and mentoring. Flapper was helping Mike O’Regan in fundraising in their quest to get to Cork for the Mixed Ability RWC 2020. Sadly due to Covid it was never realised, but he has left a legacy that will always be remembered.

The other side of Flapper is just as remarkable, his two sons are international ice hockey players, he and Bernice would travel the UK (as well as Europe and North America) supporting their boys. He also had a great passion for fishing.

Everyone at Chobham Rugby offers our condolences to Bernice and the boys.

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