History of the Pinfold Cup

Harry Norman -Walker very kindly shares with us the history of the Pinfold Cup (10 Year Game) this year to be held at Chobham on Saturday 30th April 2016 – 4pm KO.


Who is Pinfold?

Alan Pinfold, as I’m sure you’ve all seen by his image of athleticism over the Martyrs Fireplace at the club, was a stalwart of the front row at Chobham in early 70s. As President of the club in the 80s and 90s he brought a lot of funding to the club through some fabulous May Ball raffles, which typically had a top prize of a trip to the Hong Kong Sevens. He used his personal contacts to get the club lots of favours in our early days, such as free printing and postage which in the pre internet days was a huge help. He regularly organised A List personalities (such as Bill Beaumont, Max Boyce, Gareth Chilcott and Frank Carson) to speak at the May Ball.


He was a social animal and as a Director of Garuda Airlines, who partnered the sponsors of the Hong Kong Sevens; Cathay Pacific, travelled regularly to the Hong Kong Sevens and escorted the annual Chobham May Ball Raffle winners. He was still travelling on senior tours into the 90s.


Take time to read the Alan Pinfold article, which has been blown up for the picture, above the fireplace next time you’re at the club. This was taken from Rugby World which at the time was the UKs number one rugby monthly, the article usually featured rugby Internationals and players from the top level of rugby at the time which shows the respect he held amongst rugby at the time.


What is the Pinfold Cup?

The Pinfold Cup, before being presented to Chobham by the Pinfold Family, was previously the 10 Year Game played between a team of Chobham players who’d played senior rugby for over 10 years against a club side of ‘newcomers’. In the late 90s the rules were changed to allow ex mini and juniors to include their tenure at the club to make the 10 years, this was because the club side were winning every year.

In the early years the 10 Year game was played during the Christmas break and was played in fancy dress.


Why the Pinfold Cup?

The Pinfold Cup was presented to the club by Margaret “Mark” Pinfold and her family following Alan’s death, as a mark of respect to a man who had done a huge amount to support Chobham both on and off the pitch.

Please take time to respect Mark when she makes her presentation as this day is very special to the Pinfold family.



At Fowlers Wells, Chobham.



This year it is played on Saturday 30th April, preceding the Senior Players Awards Dinner.

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