Parents in Sport

Parents are great for sport

Everyone involved in sport for young people should be committed to ensuring that children’s participation is supported. Parents are important to sport because they can:

  • encourage their children to take up, enjoy and achieve in their sport
  • support their children in practical ways – such as by providing transport or buying kit
  • help out with activities
  • become coaches, helpers and volunteers within the club
  • help out with things such as club websites and fundraising
  • support and motivate their child and/or the team
  • reinforce positive aspects of sports participation

Helping children reach their full potential

To continue to ensure a child reaches their full potential and enjoys their time playing sport, parents need to consider:

  • what do they want their child to get out of sport? Is it the same as what their child wants?
  • do they understand what their child is trying to achieve and what support they need to achieve it?
  • are they being the best role model they can be to help their child enjoy their sporting experience?
  • are they focused on their child’s development and enjoyment?

One young person said:

“My dad’s the best role model I could ask for. He was always on the touchline giving me great support and always encouraging me on – really good, really positive. He’s just an inspiration for me.”

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My Magic Kit

This is a great video for moms and dads and coaches to share, a reminder that children are out there to enjoy sport, have fun and make friends:
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 Supporting your Child in Sport

We appreciate the positive supporting role that parents play at Chobham Rugby in helping our children to enjoy sport:
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