Minis Tour 2016

Chobham Minis Tour : 18 – 20 March 2016




Avast Me Hearties!

On March 18th the pirates of Chobham Rugby set sail under the Jolly Roger to explore waters uncharted in search of adventure, treasure and glory. Our pressgang have recruited a mighty crew of over 300 pirates, arranged safe-harbour at a number of “friendly” ports and commandeered 6 mighty galleons in which to bring home our bounty. The Captain and his Senior Ratings (Tour Committee) welcome all-comers joining the voyage— whether experienced sea-dogs or first time cabin-boys.

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Friday 18th March

  • Sea-dogs (both Senior and Junior) assembled at approximately 13:00 hours This required Junior Sea-Dogs be excused from school for the afternoon to enable us to commence our voyage before waters become too rough.
  • Full kit was issued to all hands by the quarter-master. The “all-weather” tour shirt and pirates mandatory headgear MUST be worn at all times. Senior Sea-dogs who have not travelled the high-seas before (a.k.a. our “Tour Virgins”) had their own badge of rank that must be worn at all times (and available for inspection by Senior Ratings / Judiciary)
  •  When the ships-bell sounded pirates were directed to their galleon by their Petty Officer who ensuredall sea-dogs boarded the galleons and we do not have any men (or women!) overboard.
  •  On the way to our main anchorage, we came under heavy fire around the Fordingbridge area. We have met buccaneers from these waters before in previous battles—however this time it was rumoured they are enlisting re-enforcements from the surrounding area. Our young pirates were ready for battle in full Chobham colours!
  •  Once the sun was over the yardarm, we spliced the main-brace and had some local grub washed down with a tot of rum before we re-board the galleons and head towards our main anchorage at Sandford Holiday Park

Saturday 19th March 

  • We awoke on Saturday and appointed galley slaves to cook breakfast
  •  We then departed to a local rugby club for a mornings fun
  •  Junior Sea Dogs were dressed ready for battle in Chobham colours
  •  Lunch was provided at our host club and we returned to Sandford Holiday Park
  •  The afternoon was free time for pirates to use the campsites facilities and / or watch the 6-Nations fixtures ade available by the campsite (more details to follow)
  • Saturday 19th March (evening)
  •  Tourists  gathered (preferably in fancy dress!) and an evening meal was provided at Sandford Holiday park prior to watching England v France 6 Nations game
  •  Junior Sea-Dogs were required to be in their bunks by 22:00
  •  His Worship The Judge  then dispensed justice to Senior Sea-Dogs who have transgressed the Pirate Code

Sunday 20th March  

  •  We awoke on Saturday and appointed galley slaves  cooked breakfast
  •  Junior Sea Dogs were dressed ready for battle in Tour Shirts
  •  We departed to face he mighty buccaneers of Bournemouth RFC (and there was a rumour around port that our pirate brethren from Farnham RFC may also make an appearance)
  •  Lunch was provided at our host club and then we will return to Chobham by around 4pm

Where did we stay? 

 We  stayed at the Parkdean Sandford Holiday Park in Poole, Dorset

Tour Chairman Neil Whittington (telephone: 07710 410544)

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