Chobham #ONECLUB Touch Tournament : 31st October

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Chobham’s RWC Touch Tournament is being played on the day of the RWC final – 31st October 2015.

The Tournament is scheduled to start around 10 am and will be completed so we can all watch the RWC final at 4pm.


10 teams in 2 pools of 5. Each team in a pool plays the others. The 2 top teams in each pool go through to semi-finals and finals to determine a winner.

The bottom 2 teams in each group go into a playoff. The losers of this play off play each other with the losers awarded the  wooden spoon.

Teams coming 3rd in their pool will play each other to determine their overall position in the tournament.


Teams can have up to 12 players, only 6 will be playing at any time. Teams must be made of  a minimum of 2x Juniors, 2x Ladies, 2x Thursday Touch guys, 2x Seniors. Additional players can come from any of these groups. No more than 2 senior players from 1st or 2nd team in 1 team.


Each team will adopt the colour of the country they are representing

Teams, Pools and Captains are as follows, with the pools aligned to the actual RWC pools and  each captain is originally from the country they are representing:


Pool APool B
Australia – Zarah AlamSouth Africa – Shaun Buchan
England – Emily VandenbergScotland – Neill Clark
Wales – Simon ParsonsIreland – Mick Roche
New Zealand – Matt McDougallUSA – Mike Orefice
Argentina – Federico PetersonItaly – Gio Grosso

For more information please contact "> Steve Cross or "> Beth James

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