Gym Key Deposit

Deposit payment for one Chobham Rugby Gym Key.


Gym Key Rules *

A personal key will be issued to fully paid up Members of Chobham RFC who have paid the additional membership charge to use the Gym and have paid the applicable key deposit.

The Member hereby agrees that the key will remain the property of Chobham RFC at all times, must be returned on request to the person appointed from time to time as Gym Manager, must not be copied and is for the personal use of the Member.

The Member is responsible to ensure that it is not lent to or in any other way used by other other persons to gain access to the Gym.

If lost or stolen the Gym Manager must be informed immediately. A further deposit charge will be payable and the original deposit charge will be forfeited before a replacement can be issued.

The Gym Member further agrees that any breach of these rules and those other rules from time to time published may result in exclusion from the Gym. In this instance the key must be returned and Gym Membership will lapse. No return of key deposit or outstanding Gym Membership charges will be repayable.

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Deposit payment for one Chobham Rugby Gym Key : £15.00