Rugby World Cup Final – New Zealand v Australia

The moment has finally arrived, albeit a Southern hemisphere affair. We start the day with the RWC Touch Tournament meeting at 9.30am with a 10 am start.  Steve Cross would like to have the tournament finished by 3pm so all can shower before the RWC 4pm kick off. Food and drink will be available throughout the day.  By popular demand we are again raffling the sofa prior to the start of the Rugby World Cup Final. The winner will be able to invite two guests to join him or her on the sofa to watch the match. The winner will also be entitled between kick off and the final whistle, FREE BEER for him/her and their two guests. The winner will be entitled to either, Beer, Lager, Cider or Guinness – this package will not include spirits etc. For the discerning lady other drinks will be available. The ticket is not transferrable and Terms and Conditions apply. Tickets will be on sale from behind the bar on Wednesday, Thursday and throughout the day on Saturday. The draw will take place just prior to kick off.

Geraint Parry

Social Secretary

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