Supporters’ lunch Saturday 5th January 2019 sit down 2pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, with Christmas now only a distant memory and the short days still hanging over us, what better way to lift those spirits than with lunch at the rugby club. it’s time to set that New Year resolution and make it one to come down, meet up with those friends you shed blood, sweat and tears with, and more than a few beers. Open to all, but especially those of you who agreed to skipper (convinced over a Babycham or two at the player’s dinner it was your destiny)… Come down share those stories, catch up drink and cheer on the Mighty Chobham 1’s against Sevenoaks.

Please note. Kick-off is 2pm. Sit down 12.30pm. Bar open 11.30am


Please let me know as soon as you can, it’s only 9 days away…here

Keith – Past 4th team Captain (at least twice!), Devils manager, and Martyrs Past president.


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